The Precious Thing

A fun and moving outdoor show featuring an array of juggling, hand-balancing contortion, clowning and puppetry, the show is a metaphor for how the human race is not good at looking after our world and now we are starting to pay the consequences.

The two relatable and playful characters have two things to do, fish for food and look after and nurture their one treasured possession. Trying to keep it alive using water.

We see them struggle with problems creating more trouble for themselves. They do not take the logical route, but the one that seems more fun. They spill and waste water till there is none left and their world starts turning purple.

There might be a simple answer if they thought it through, but the solution they find creates another problem. And while this is funny to watch it has detrimental outcomes for their world.
They even pull the audience into their antics: contributing purple objects, changing their world into a purple mess of discarded objects.

Show Trailer

The Precious Thing Audience Feedback

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