About Us

‘Inverted’ was founded by Tamzen Moulding in 2011 with the aim of creating a fusion of dance, theatre and circus skills. The first piece was a dance/acrobatic work ‘Tesserae’,- an innovative mix of contemporary dance and hand balancing which was performed at ‘Postcards Festival’ Jacksons Lane and Milton Keynes Festival Fringe. ‘Box’, a hand balancing duet on a custom made set, went to Bath Fair and the Lowry, Salford Quays in 2017 and three venues in 2018.

Inverted Theatre makes work that comments on social situations that a wide range of people from different backgrounds can relate to. The work uses the essence of spectacle matched with socially engaged situations to tell relevant narratives. The use of theatrical setting and characters connects emotionally and makes the high level of physical circus skill accessible.

Inverted works with artists that are of a high technical standard in their practice to show amazing physical skill level in the performance.

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